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May 29, 2014

I only have 2 bucklings for sale, both blue eyed, one polled and one not. $150polled, $100 not. I may be tempted to sell two of my adult does. One is blue eyed and polled, can be double registered. The other is blue eyed, polled, non registered. Inquire if interested.

We have downsized to a 7 acre hobby farm.  Here we raise Nigerian Dwarf Goats, mini Nubians, and Silky Chickens.  We also have a pet pot bellied pig, some pet pigeons, and our laying hens.  We do this as a hobby, and because we love all of our critters here at Critterhaven!

We don't make our goats pose for pictures so you won't see any 'show stance' photos here.  It's usually just me and the goats and the I just catch them in natural poses for the website, right Lancelot?


BB the pot bellied pet pig


 We welcome visits to our farm by appointment for people interested in purchasing goats from us or any fellow breeder whom we may inquire about purchasing goats from. We do not do checks to see if your farm is perfect for our goats. While we love our goats and want the best for them, I do not believe that if someone is going to pay good money for a quality goat they are going to throw it away by neglecting that goat. I can give references if you would like from breeders who know me and know my goats.


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Silky Chickens - white and splash


Kiowa and Timber, our 16 and 22 year old mini mares


Tennessee - Our newest kitty cat

Our only stipulation is if you do not currently own a goat you must purchase two initially, either from me or someone else.  I will not sell a single goat if you do not currently own a goat.  Goats are social animals and are very lonely on their own.  Contrary to some people's beliefs, dogs do NOT make substitute companions for goats!

We are HOBBY FARM breeders.  We love our goats, love the milk they provide us with, and our nigerian dwarf goats meet the standards set by the industry.  We do not usually show our goats but several have placed well at the Goats Music and More Festival in 2009.


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